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Fool's Errand is devoted to housing information concerning a RWBY fan-project of the same name. Created by clockwork-hound, it follows the tale of a team of Beacon students as they attempt to Do The Right Thing™, though that seems to be easier said than done...

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  • Create Team PINC
    • Team Page
    • Character Bios
      • Pit Ahaya
      • Inigo Rainier
      • Natsuki Sudachi
      • Capri Concord
  • Create Ward Enterprises
    • Informational Pages
      • Ward Enterprises
      • The Pinery
      • The Cobra Club
    • Characters
      • Findlay Ward
      • Volt Xol
      • Forrest Perry
      • Vett Hannah
      • Ella Lastname
      • Rama Lastname
      • Som Lastname
  • Create Huntsmen/Huntress Bios
    • Rook Collingwood
    • Aoi Oda